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If you observe any of the unacceptable behaviours described in this booklet, or have any concerns, we expect you to report it. If you don’t, you are putting yourself, others and the University at risk. Curtin will support you during this process.

To help guide you on what to do and who you can contact, following are your recommended courses of action:

Issue Example Those you may contact include
Staff misconduct

You are aware that a staff member has not complied with the University’s Code of Conduct.

You are asked by a lecturer, tutor or supervisor to pay money, to provide sexual favours or gifts, or to exchange other favours for better marks on your exams or assignments.

You are aware that a staff member may have committed a criminal offence.

Student misconduct of an academic nature

You are aware that a student has:

  • falsified their academic record
  • cheated in an exam or assessment
  • plagiarised
  • breached copyright
  • falsified their research
  • bribed a lecturer, tutor or supervisor for better marks.
Student misconduct of a general nature

You are aware that a student has broken University regulations by:

  • obstructing others in their activities
  • discriminating against others
  • interfering with the freedom of expression or movement of others
  • inappropriately using Curtin computer networks, software or equipment.

You are aware that a student may have committed a criminal offence which may include:

  • assaulting or trying to assault others
  • trespassing on or damaging Curtin property.
Bullying or cyberbullying

You are feeling intimidated or offended by the repeated behaviour of another person or group of people towards you - either in person or by email, phone, chat rooms or social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter.


You are unfairly being denied opportunities that are available to others.


You have been subjected to repeated unwanted behaviour from another person or persons at Curtin. This could include:

  • verbal abuse
  • threats of physical violence
  • criticism
  • exclusion
  • unrealistic or degrading demands
  • racial or disability-related comments, jokes, taunts or abuse.
Sexual, racial or disability harassment

You have received unwelcome sexual advances or requests for sexual favours from a student or staff member at Curtin.

You have had disparaging remarks made against you in relation to disability.

Inappropriate staff–student relationship

A personal relationship between a staff member and a student risks affecting your opportunity to advance.

Alcohol and drug use

Alcohol or drugs are affecting your own behaviour or that of someone you know at Curtin.

Protection of personal safety and property

You want to know more about what you can do to protect yourself and your personal belongings on campus.

You feel unsafe because you are walking alone at night on campus or are concerned that a violent or potentially threatening situation is occurring or about to occur.

Personal wellbeing

You need to see a health professional because of an urgent health issue.

Personal or emotional issues in your life are affecting your ability to study. Causes could include:

  • relationship problems
  • conflict
  • sexuality issues
  • bereavement
  • mental or other illness
  • alcohol and drug use.

Common symptoms could include stress, anxiety, sleep problems or depression.

A Guild Student Assist Officer can provide you with advice or support in relation to any of these matters.


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Student academic or general misconduct is dealt with in accordance with the Curtin University Act 1966, Statute 10 – Student Discipline, the responsible officer for which is the Academic Registrar. Students are expected to inform themselves of and comply with all relevant laws; University statutes, rules and by-laws; and the University’s values and signature behaviours, policies and procedures.

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